Brookfield Congregational Church

8 Common Street
P.O. Box 457
Brookfield Massachusetts, 01506-0457
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Phone: (508) 867-6262
Sunday Service starts at 10:00 AM
Communion First Sunday of the Month

Brookfield Congregational Church Announcements


Monday through Friday..............................9:00 AM to 12:00 PM

The Church building is open to in person services, 10 AM Sundays.  On line services recording are available, soon after.   For use of the Church hall contact the Church Office.  We are providing pastoral support.  This support that can be reached either by calling the church at (508)867-6262, or via email or the Church’s Facebook page. Pastor John may by reached at home (508) 222-2535 or Cell phone (774) 414-4452 ANYTIME.  We will look to return calls as best we can. 


Scripture Readings for January 2023






Isaiah 63:1-7

Matthew 2:13-23

“Joseph listening for directions did not discount his own good sense.”


Christmas on Song and Verse

Matthew 2:1-12

“How silently, how silently the wondrous GIFT is given, SO God imparts to human hearts the blessings of his heaven.”


Isaiah 9:1-7

John 1:29-42
Baptism OF Jesus

“Your best direction to find Jesus is NOT someone else’s map.”


I Corinthians 1:10-18

Matthew 4:12-25

“The Two Reasons why people follow Jesus”


I Corinthians 1:18-31
Brookfield Church Annual Meeting

Matthew 5:1-12

“Speaking back TO the church”

Scripture Readings for February 2023






1 Corinthians 2:1-12

Matthew 5:13-20

Knowledge leads to wisdom by the use of the ear rather than the tongue


Deuteronomy 30:15-20

Matthew 5:21-26

The Ten Commandments from inside us


Exodus 24:12-18

Matthew 6:1-6

Sacrament of Baptism.
When God shows no preferences  


Isaiah 58

Matthew 5:38-48

Ash Wednesday Febr 22 10:00AM. and 7:00PM


Genesis 3:1-7

Matthew 4:1-11

First Sunday in Lent.
Temptation is a matter of asking the right questions rather than giving the right answers. 

Scripture Readings for March 2023






Genesis 12:1-12

John 3:1-17

Second Sunday in Lent.


Exodus 17:1-17

John 4:5-26

Third Sunday in Lent.


1 Samuel 16:1-13

John 91-41

Fourth Sunday in Lent.


Exodus 37:1-14

John 11:1-45

Fifth Sunday in Lent.

Scripture Readings for April 2023







Matthew 21:1-11

Passion according to Matthew




Maundy Thursday
SEDER MEAL 6:00 p.m.



John 18 

GOOD FRIDAY 10:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.


1 Corinthians 15:1-11

John 20:1-18

EASTER 10:00 AM.
Holy Communion

If anyone is interested in becoming a member of our church please speak with Pastor John.


Members and Friends of the Brookfield Congregational Church:

The Board of Deacons, in collaboration with the Church Council and Pastor Condon, are beginning the process of long-term pastoral planning for our church. At this time Pastor John is not planning on going anywhere, but will slowly pull back from his full pastoral workload, while Brian Oxman will expand his role as assistant minister in the coming year to ensure we have full pastoral support for our congregation. Before we make longer-term decisions, we’d like to hear from the congregation about who we are as a church, what our strengths are, where we have room for improvement, and preferred plans for the future. We are asking for everyone’s input at this stage and would like you to share your thoughts by filling out a survey. The information gathered in this survey will help us create a church profile we can use to support the church’s planning process. 

The survey can be found at or through the QR code below. Paper copies will be available if needed. We’d like to have all surveys back by January 8, 2023. 

If you would like to meet with a deacon to discuss this planning process we will be happy to meet with anyone in our church. We will also gladly meet with you and help you fill out the survey. Please reach out to me or another deacon to make these arrangements. I can be reached at 508.867.6897 or through email at

Thank you and may God bless our church as we look to the future.


Bill Simpson
BCC Board of Deacons

January 30

Chair Yoga, 9:00 AM

January 30

Council On Aging, 10:00 AM

January 30

Centering Prayer, 10:00 AM

February 1

AA, 7:00 PM

February 2

Bible Study, 10:00 AM

February 3

TOPS, 6:30 PM



Cathy Farr

Bill Simpson


Sign Up to Serve for Coffee Fellowship
Team up with a partner(s)

Coffee Hour…a time for fellowship after our Sunday Service!
If you would like to volunteer to put on a pot of coffee and provide some simple “goodies” (keep it simple), sign-up sheets are on the bulletin board in place in Fellowship Hall! You can always “TEAM-UP” with someone!!!If you have never done Coffee Hour before, there are plenty of people that will happily lend a hand!




Centering Prayer Welcomes your Participation


Once again, Centering Prayer is being offered on Tuesday mornings at 10 a.m. in the library. If you would like to participate in our 20 minute silent prayer time praying for those in need, we would joyously welcome you.  If you have any questions, please speak with Jane Snyder


Come join us:

 Bible Study has resumed on Thursday Mornings at 10:00 am. In Fellowship Hall. Come, join us, study God’s Word Together


Christian Life

Opportunities Abound

 Your Christian Life Board would like to know if there is interest within the congregation to hold a six-week Women’s study perhaps this winter, meeting once a week at the church at a time to be determined.  If this might be of interest to you, please sign your name on the flyer posted on the sign-up board in Fellowship Hall.  Suggested programs are: I’m Waiting God by Barbara Roose or Fearless by Angela Donadio.


Your Christian Life Board would like to know if there is interest in having a couples 6 week study in the near future using the curriculum Communication in Marriage by Christian Bible Studies.  If this might be of interest to you, please sign your name on the flyer posted on the sign-up board in Fellowship Hall.


Your Christian Life Board would like to know if there is interest in a Women’s get away weekend study that would be held in Petersham at the Monastery sometime in March.  The weekend would encompass fellowship Friday evening over a simple supper.  Saturday would possibly contain a bible study, a bit of free time, maybe lunch with the nuns, and a compline service at 8pm.  Sunday would have more fellowship and another bible study before returning home.  Pastor Ellie has been asked if she would consider leading this group.  The cost of staying is simply a free will offering that would be left in an envelope for the nuns.  Should you have any questions concerning any of the above, please speak with Jane Snyder.
Your Christian Life Board
Jessica Safford, Doreen Blouin, Kathy Crevier



We would like to welcome anyone who would be interested in joining the choir.  Please speak to Reagan or Lindsey Paras. Let’s make a joyful noise and sing praises unto our Lord! Or if you play an instrument and would like to join us in our Praise and Worship, please feel free to speak to us.



The B.E.F.P.  is an all volunteer organization.  It was created by the churches in Brookfield to help those who find themselves in need of supplementary food and/or household supplies.  The B.E.F.P.  is  open on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM.

There are no requirements, such as income, other than that you are a Brookfield or East Brookfield resident.  You are also allowed to come monthly.Many, many people donate goods and/or money to the B.E.F.P.   Also, other groups and businesses donate to the pantry -  groups such as;  school students, scouts, state police, banks and other organizations.  Money allows us to purchase non-food household items such as soap, paper goods, cleaning supplies and other items not covered by S.N.A.P. (food stamps). 

Once a month, devoted volunteers travel to the Worcester County Food Bank in Shrewsbury. There, we are able to obtain a lot of food to help replensih our shelves at very little or no cost.

For more information, please call Louise Woodard at 508-867-3891.   When you come please bring your own bags and on the first visit, some proof of residency.

Thank you,  Paul Shailer, Board Member, 508-867-9298



20/20 Challenge


A challenge to return the Church to a new normal.


The Council agreed to introduce a fundraising program called the 20/20 Challenge.  In the year that has passed with COVID the Church’s operating income was just over $100,000.  With many activities canceled the Church made it work.  In years before COVID the Church averaged just over $120,000.  The best year totaled nearly $125,000.  If the Church is to return to a fuller service of offerings, we need to challenge ourselves to make up the difference.  Hence the idea of the 20/20 Challenge.  Would or could 20 who have not traditionally given, give $20 a week for the remainder of the year.  While we know many are being challenged in this time, if others can assist, we can look to Easter and beyond to strive to fulfill God’s plan for the Church.


You can go on line to donate By Clicking Here, or mail you offering to the office or drop your offering in the plate after the service beginning on Easter.  Many hands make light work.


New Mission for 2023

Tunnel to Towers Foundation Please see the Missions Board in the Fellowship Hall to sign up. One time donation of $11 or as often as you like to help First Responders in need of help. See Jane Snyder for more info. Thanks.


Just a reminder that we are still in need of Teachers and Teacher's Assistants along with Assistants for Nursery. Please Pray on this and let Jane know when you are called to commit.



If anyone is interested in helping to provide a meal for Dismas Farm, please see Tammy Taquino for more information.

Also, if you are interested in crocheting, knitting, or quilting for the Prayer Shawl Ministry please speak with Patti Coltey for detailed opportunities.



We invite you to contribute flowers for our Sunday worship! Flowers may be from a florist, something in season or from home gardens!
The sign-up calendar is back in place in Fellowship Hall! If you have any questions, contact Cathy Farr (508-450-6052).
If you would like to give flowers in memory or in honor of someone and would like that information to be printed in the bulletin, please let the church office know by the Wednesday before the service date.
Thank you!


We are preparing a list of persons interested in being READERS, GREETERS, BEARERS and giving CHILDRENS’ MESSAGES for Sunday mornings.  If you would like to participate, please let Pat in the office know or Pastor John.
Training for being a Reader (of Scripture) and for Children’s Messages is available; please speak with Pastor John.
A new list will be available the first of January 2022.



When an emergency is called during a church service – everything STOPS – 911 is called and everyone EXITs quickly and quietly to a designated area.  Thank you for your cooperation.



We, the members of the Brookfield Congregational Church following the example of Jesus, who loved and served all, promise we will:
~Do unto others as we would have them do unto us;
~Faithfully support the Church with our time and treasures;
~Seek to do the will of God to promote the life of our church community and the community at large.
~Listen to, speak with, and interact with each person in the church with respect, honesty and love.
~Interact with open minds and hearts, considering perspectives that may be different from our own and,
~Showing the charity of Christ, we will love and serve the people of the church and community in the name of our Lord


Be the “change” you want to see in the world

One of the many things I’ve thought about while sitting at home is that as we have been unable to gather in our beloved church, Gertrude, our hungry goose has not been fed either.   

     I quote an article I found and believe it still holds true today, props do work.  Whether it be a plastic goose, a shopping cart or a plastic bank shaped as a Church.  The children, and some of us adults, loved feeding Gertrude during coffee hour.  Kudos to the person who started with this prop.

     From article of 2012 in the South New England Conference United Church of Christ

     “Paul Shailer, a deacon at the Brookfield Congregational Church, believes the goose -- which is put out at coffee hour -- is very visible and stands out.  "Gertrude the Goose" (as she has been named by the Sunday School children) has become the church's ambassador for mission donations.

      "Kids love to put money in its bill and watch it swallow the change," explained GwenYaskoski, a trustee and treasurer at the church.  "The prop really gets the children involved and they have become very curious as to not only where the money goes after it's eaten by the goose, but who is being helped by the donations." 

      Whether it's a faux fowl or a real shopping cart, unique props can be helpful to mission and fundraising programs”

     We have a post of our focused Missions for each month.  If your heart is being called to support any of these focused Missions, please submit your donation to the church at P O Box 457, Brookfield, MA  01506.  In the memo line, please note:  feed Gertrude - Focused Mission (and the month). 

     Our Lenten giving mission, which was to benefit Dismas as well as Abbey’s house, was impacted by the outbreak of Covid19 and as we will be unable to plan a Suicide Awareness and Prevention vigil in May, as hoped, I would request that we allocate any funds raised during May to donate to Dismas and Abbey’s Feel free to visit their websites for ways you can help…at:”  and

I’ll sign off with the following….perhaps til we can be together and you can feed Gertrude directly, a fun little prop to make with the kids...a “feed” bag with scraps of material to stick your loose change into...

                                                                                    In His light and love,

                                                                                    Tammy, aka “T”, Mission Chair



Patti Coltey would like to call anyone who can knit or crochet to join this important mission.  There is nothing like being wrapped in a shawl made with love – care – blessing when you need some comfort!

knit crochet


Child Care

Child care is provided under the supervision of Ellie Fournier during each Sunday service.  All children from newborn to Sunday school age are welcome. Please speak to the deacon in charge if you need assistance.


Recently we were graced with an outstanding mural in our nursery of Noah's Ark.  This artistry was completed by Jordan Nugent, a college student who currently attends Nichols College.  Jordan's work is so well done and super entertaining. Viewing the ark has brought smiles of delight not only to the children in the nursery but any adult who walks past the nursery.  If you would like to see more of Jordan's work you may look for her at


Church Cookbooks from Helping Hands are available.
Our Church Cookbooks make a great gift!
Available in the Fellowship Hall. Only $5.00
each. Just think of those Christmas cookies


Senior Moments



Calling All People

We are looking for pictures for the Church Scrapbook.  We only have ten pages for the 2019 book.  If you have snapshots of any of our church activities such as:  Fusion Youth Group (let’s get our teens in this book), Boy Scouts, spaghetti suppers, pie baking  for Apple Country Fair, tag sale pictures, nursery and Sunday School pictures please contact Jane Snyder.  We do have pictures of VBS.
Thank you, Patti Coltey



ANNUAL BUDGET                                                                   $149,745.00
PROJECTED MONTHLY AVERAGE                                              $12,478.00
RECEIVED INCOME FOR MONTH OF DECEMBER                       $8,963.00
            Offering                                    $8,443.00
            Other Sourc                                 $520.00
PROJECTED INCOME YEAR-TO-DATE                                      $149,745.00
RECEIVED INCOME YEAR-TO-DATE                                         $119,898.00



Just a reminder to abide by our recycling rules when using the church kitchen: rinse out any recyclables before putting them in the receptacles, crush/flatten items when possible, etc. Guidelines are posted in the kitchen for your reference.