Brookfield Congregational Church

8 Common Street
P.O. Box 457
Brookfield Massachusetts, 01506-0457

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Phone: (508) 867-6262
Sunday Service starts at 10:00 AM
Communion First Sunday of the Month


Readers:  Introductory statement: "A reading from" Genesis or "A reading from" the Acts of the Apostles, (note: not necessary to give  chapter and verses if printed in bulletin), at conclusion of reading please say "The word of the Lord". Intro statement for a Gospel reading: "The Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ according to" John, or according to Matthew (note again  not necessary to give chapter and verses if printed) end with "The Gospel of the Lord". You can indicate at Gospel reading "Please stand if able for the Gospel". Again that is not necessary if bulletin indicates standing.


All readings should be from an Authorized version:   King James, New King James (pulpit and pew Bible at present time) New Revised Standard Version, New International Version. All these are English translations of original Old Testament Hebrew and New Testament Greek; they are approved by wide-variety of English speaking churches, and authorized by their representative leadership. 


**NB**   There is a possibility of change any given Sunday, usually with advance notice, but this rare so such announced lists are generally accurate.      Pastor john 

Scripture Readings for December 2023


Old Testament




Isaiah 64: 1-9 

Mark 13: 24-37 

Communion Sunday


Isaiah 40:1-11 

Mark 1:1-8 



Isaiah 40: 1-11 

Luke 1:26-38 

Blue Christmas  


Isaiah 6: 1-11 

Luke 1: 8-20 

Children's Pageant


10 AM  2 Samuel 7:1-11 
  7 PM  2 Samuel 7:1-11

Luke 1:26-38 
Luke 2:1-14    



Isaiah 61:10
Isaiah 62:3  

Luke 2:22-40