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Dear On-line friend:

WE WHO HAVE  BEEN IN THE CHURCH and around Church with a capital “C” can be overbearing, “pushy” some have accused, coming on with a hard sell.  Most, but not all I admit, do not intend that.  Jesus, whom we call both Master and Teacher was not like that and He does not teach us to be like that either.   Much of our enthusiasm owes itself to the richness we have experienced added to us from faith and from Church.   What we hope happens is that you and God meet up, connect up in ways God fully intends for your best interest.  God is the one, and you also,  to decide what that shall be for you.  The sooner we become something of a help making that happen, and then we get out of the way, the better.  You and God are the best to make the choices on all such matters involving you.

So, why are we urging you to come, attend Church?   Because faith and religion in human terms  most healthily happen in concert with others.  One person can have some good with just a tennis racket and ball and backboard by yourself; but the day comes you look for more of a game. you need and want at least one other and a four-some doubles the whole experience.  A solo cellist performing is quieting, peaceful, soulful; and a cellist member of an orchestra opens a whole range of music not otherwise possible.  Same is true about Church:  one individual can offer a sandwich or even complete lunch to another, but food for a week for 20 families provided by 20 or even 10 other families stands a better chance of really happening and of more than temporary full stomach “happening”.

Of course you can say your own prayers, read your own Bible.  It is the getting broader than your self into those prayers, it is when it comes to translating the Bible into this moment, this occasion, and for this “you”  that other voices help.  Someone has accurately said, “Church is not the place that has all the right answers, Church is one hungry person telling another where the bread is.”   And you may have the answer to that one that we have missed!   Give Church a try because your Story may well be the very one God would like me to hear.  Without that I just go right on being hungry.  As may you.
Give Church an in-person try.  The difference is like that between a “live concert” and a scratchy repeat on a plastic record.   Both performers and attenders find zillions more “being there.”

pastor john+                                                                           Sunday mornings   10:00 a.m.