Brookfield Congregational Church

Brookfield Massachusetts, 01506-0457

Moderator Moment 
July, 2022

The Church Council met on July 11th with 11 in attendance.
The next meeting is August 8th 7PM. All are welcomed.

We have a routine of sorts these days with both in-person and ZOOM access to the Council meetings available. If you are interested in seeing your Church Council at work and need to make dinner or put kids to bed you can do it all. If you are ever interested in what goes on “behind the curtain” send me an email for the ZOOM access and an agenda. We try to hold the length to an hour. Things like an acoustic coffee house event and a movie night for the kids were just a few of the topics discussed this month. Like these ideas? Speak to Reagan Paras or Jim Joyce.

Last month I reported about the idea of long-term planning activity, as sparked by the Pastor. This month the Deacons are working toward a recommendation on how we might capture an understanding of a vision for the future. The Deacons will be making a recommendation at the August Council Meeting. This will most likely include everyone, where we will look to you for your vision/s of the Church. Things that are working well, areas for improvement or things like acoustic coffee houses that we are presently not doing where we could share God’s love. As last week’s reading asked “who is our neighbor”.

Year to year we do a level of planning. As a reminder the annual meeting is scheduled in January. While there is a lot of focus on the budget and the income expectations to sustain the Church, this is the time to budget for programs in the coming year. If you have ideas or questions look to the various committees to make suggestions or to learn more. As we start to return from our holidays and the waning COVID impact September/October is a good time to share your thoughts. November the Trustees start to put pencil to paper. December the Council forms the basis for the Annual meeting. While we can always entertain last minute additions it is better to work to have the membership on board when looking to make change.

God expects us to “mix things up”. Isn’t that what Jesus did?

Yours Faithfully,

Clarence (Punk) Snyder