Brookfield Congregational Church

Brookfield Massachusetts, 01506-0457

Moderator Moment 

September 2021

Your Church Council met on August 9th to establish September plans.

The meeting was met with emotional feelings in the lose of Ken Grimes.  Since taking over as chairman of the council and moderator from Ken I have missed his guidance in recent months and the Church will miss his presence whether it be all the pies baked for years for Apple Country Fair, his uniform on Memorial Day or his leadership at meatloaf suppers.  Ken’s spirit will live on in not only the Church but the community at large.

COVID time is taking its toll but through it all we are finding our way.  Recent Memorial Services for Sylvia Jane, Carolyn Murray, Bill Walker, Olive Zadroga and now Ken have been important as we celebrate their contributions to the life of the Church.  It is time that we reflect and then move with their spirits.  September enables us to kick off our Fall programs.

With Labor Day falling almost a week into the month September 5th will be a regular service.  September 12th, we look to a pancake breakfast at 9AM as a way to invite everyone including the children back to Church School activities.  The service will also include Communion.   The Pastor’s message of “Divine Restoration” could not come at a better time.

As many of you may have heard Alan and Judy have stepped down from their roles in the service.  Judy will be offering guidance as Reagan and Lindsey Paras lead us in music.  We are looking to November 7th to celebrate Judy and Alan’s years of service to the Church.  Remember, there is always an opportunity to join the choir, practice will proceed one hour before the service at 9AM.

With the issues surrounding COVID the Council is ever mindful.  Masks and sanitizer will always be made available and the Church will follow all current guidance.   We encourage everyone to follow what makes them comfortable whether to mask or not, or to attend in person or on line.  What is important is to continue to support one another as we look to the mission of the Church.

As we look to the mission of the Church September might be a good time to consider what might interest you in the work of the Church.  Supporting the Deacons?  Ask Bill Simpson.  Trustee activities?  Ask Bob Wilson…. Church School?  Talk to Peggy Sullivan…Mission plans?  Ask Tammy Tacquino…Christian Life or the Spirit Lifter program, ask Jane Snyder.  Have other ideas…. I’m always available to listen.

Don’t forget the 20/20 Challenge.  The Church continues to run in the black with the support of many.  At the same time part of our funding for this year has come from government support which we will need to make up at some point to maintain the level of service the Church provides.  As the saying goes God appreciates a “Cheerful Giver”.

Next Council meeting is September 13th 7PM in Fellowship Hall or on Zoom.   All are welcome.

Yours Faithfully,

Clarence (Punk) Snyder