Brookfield Congregational Church

8 Common Street
P.O. Box 457
Brookfield Massachusetts, 01506-0457
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Phone: (508) 867-6262
Sunday Service starts at 10:00 AM
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Moderator Moment 
February 2024

What is the best thing about attending church?

The Council had the chance during our last Council meeting on February 12th to answer that question. For adults, the answer might be to hear the message. Pastors like to hear that. For the younger generation it is all about Coffee Hour and snacks. One council member commented “that has been true since Jesus was a boy.” Once in Fellowship Hall watch out, the race is on.

On a more serious note, how we gather during Coffee Hour becomes important. Not too long ago when church attendance was in the 40’s, there was space. Now that the Church is experiencing attendance in the 80’s, we need to consider how we interact in Fellowship Hall during Coffee Hour.

Based on feedback from last month’s Council Meeting, the Council will be looking at ways to make space in Fellowship Hall during Coffee Hour. Fewer tables or tables spread out. Maybe serving in multiple locations. As we explore these approaches, please give us your feedback.

Just as important, we need to recognize that we have several members with mobility issues. Walkers or canes assist several of us, thus everyone needs to take care as we move around. If there is a lengthy line at the snack table, we could offer to assist someone with a walker as it is difficult to balance a snack and a walker. If you see someone experiencing that challenge, consider assisting them to a table and offer to retrieve a coffee or juice for them. Meanwhile others might consider only picking up one snack and then coming back once everyone has had a chance to be served.

On another important topic, with the increase in the Sunday School crowd (17 of the 85 attendees on the 11th), teachers and assistants are needed. If you have an interest, please let Christian Life know. There are also additional openings in Missions. With Matt Mullen picking up the Assistant Moderator role, there is a role for an At Large member on the Council. If you have an interest in learning about the Council and various roles, please let me know. The At Large position plays a vital role as it looks to address issues, we may not be aware of or have missed. As the saying goes, it takes a village.

Yours Faithfully,

Clarence (Punk) Snyder