Brookfield Congregational Church

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Moderator Moment 

December 2021

November 28th is the First Sunday of Advent.  We look forward to Jesus’ return.  As the reading in Luke proclaims when you see the leaves of the fig tree, Spring is not far behind.  With all the Black Friday sales it is hard to miss that Christmas is not so far away.

Interestingly, this is the time of year the Church prepares for the new year.  On January 30, 2022 we will meet after the Sunday service for the Annual Meeting.  This is the time the membership affirms the plan for the new year.  To enable the membership to make good decisions in January we start in November to seek pledges through the Stewardship Campaign to understand the funding available to the Church to continue its mission.

A pledge is not so much a contract as a letter of intent to allow planning the work of the Church.  At the same time boards develop budgets; part, an understanding of past expenditures and part, wish list to expand programs.  If there is something the boards or the council is missing, this is the time to let the leadership know.  Budgets are due December 15…the Council will meet on December 13th to see where we stand on two accounts…the budget inputs as well as the proposed make-up of the boards for the coming year.

This would be a good time to remind everyone of the official structure of the Church’s organization.  While many churches take direction from a higher-level organization…the Catholics from a bishop or Rome.  Brookfield Congregational Church is governed by the membership, under the laws of the Commonwealth.   What the Church does (or doesn’t do) is up to the membership.

I would be remiss in reporting from the Council on the support of so many in the success of the Tag Sale.  By last count the benefit to the Church was over $4000.  The work of many to make this year’s program a success.  Hopefully we can add pies back in the mix for 2022. Pun intended.

The Tag sale success came from many chipping in, rather than overwhelming one or two.  Tasks like clicking through the slides on a Sunday morning or monitor.  Or stepping up to learn the sound board.  Or assisting a Church School teacher.  Singing in the Choir.  Signing up for Coffee Hour.  Providing flowers on a Sunday.  Certainly, there are larger roles too on the various boards, that we all need to consider.  What is God calling you to do?  Please pray about your role in the life of the Church.  And, Thank you for all you do.


Next Council meeting is December 13th @ 7PM in Fellowship Hall or by Zoom.   All are welcome.


Yours Faithfully,

Clarence (Punk) Snyder