Brookfield Congregational Church

Brookfield Massachusetts, 01506-0457

The Pastor's Page

“April showers bring May flowers”

Dear Inquirer:

One such inquirer,  "I heard there are churches now who are doing on-site services on Sundays; are you doing that?"  Regretfully, No, we are not, and likely cannot through June.  So, not yet.

We are moving ahead carefully and  patiently because the well-being and safety of attenders, parish members, leaders and technical support are our number one priority.  We are receiving experienced counsel and doing our own considered work how to do that.  Many voices are being listened to and heeded.   We very much want to be face-to-face with our worshiping congregation, and we know there is a great loss when that cannot be. 

When that safely can be we will let that be known AND any safe precautions you will want to know as well.   Three things important from us to you:   the worship of God and the prayers of all God's peoples are as important as ever.   Two, our gatherings for just that continue and shall continue  throughout the summer, every Sunday.  If you need assistance tuning in  check this web page for information.  And three, pastoral care and personal services also continue on, though remotely.  We are reachable—phone and e-mail numbers also appear in this contact.

A further pastoral word from me:   observance of one day of rest, one day in 7 different from others, one of the Ten Commandments, a regular occurrence in the life of the Lord Jesus  needs no defense in this year; we all know that from the inside.  However, you choose to participate in that, be at rest, be happily with each other, be with us as you are able, "Be still and know that God IS God"  we need no other.

Pastor John+