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The Pastor's Page

Dear Inquirer:

SOMEONE SAID TO ME recently, “I have a question to ask you:  ‘why are there so many different Protestant Churches?’”


I answered back, “Because human beings make up the churches, and in Religion as in everything else we are different.


Some of us learn and know things by reading a book, listening to another person who explains things well; others learn and know only by hands-on, do-it-myself experience.  Same in Religion, same with a church:  some of us learn by study, others by service; some of us know Jesus when we say the Lords Prayer, others when we give another some food, or a thank-you, or a word of praise.  We are all different, which I said, finally, is a GOOD thing!”


Another good thing:  to ask a question wanting to know, to learn.  God has a great respect for a man or woman who asks questions like that.

And still one other good thing:  every one of us in the church at times has questions, and God, knowing that, brings us together so we can help each other find what is God’s answer.  We are all on a journey in faith, in life, in the church.  If you are on one too, no better place to come than a church:  we invite your questions, and we ourselves are better hearing your experience of God’s answers.

Pastor John