Brookfield Congregational Church

Brookfield Massachusetts, 01506-0457

The Pastor's Page

Dear Inquirer:

DURING LENT THIS YEAR (the season in church marking the forty days, excluding Sundays, until Easter, April 21) members of our Congregation have given a sermon.  That happens every once in a while, not accidentally, not haphazardly, but with careful planning.  Most Sundays sermons are given by pastors who have been taught and trained to do so; Congregationalists have a long-standing firm practice in doing that.

But members of the congregation are invited at times to do so too  It does not mean that our core beliefs are up to anybody to choose, the belief that our Lord Jesus was divine and the Lord Jesus was human were not subject to our vote or our understanding, they are given.  But how we experience that belief and what we do because of it vary among all of us, and there is room for all to share their understanding.

We believe we understand and believe better by each one reaching one; and so we share, learn together.  I honor and am grateful to the seven Congregational members who are sharing what they believe this Lent.  We have three to go, and we would welcome your being part of this conversation with us.

Pastor John