Brookfield Congregational Church

Brookfield Massachusetts, 01506-0457

The Pastor's Page

Dear Inquirer:


AMERICANS, young and advancing in age!, rich and ever working on improvement, know ourselves to be recipients of a bounty we can only describe as BLESSING. It is for our veterans


who went into service for our protection and security.  It is for public service workers police, fire, rescue, town and country administrators, teachers. It is for parents and grandparents who for themselves claimed very little if anything, that we coming along need not even ask for more!  It is for places like churches and libraries and schools and organizations that remind us who we truly are and what we yet can be.

BLESSINGS.  Gifts.  Opportunities.  I read somewhere one said, “If you focus on your problems, what you will have is another problem; focus on answering the call, you have strength and power.”  Jesus said often to people looking for his great help, “Your faith is making you well!”  He believed that.  God believes that.  Church today believes it too.  It is a great place also to say Thank You.  Join us.

Pastor John