Brookfield Congregational Church

Brookfield Massachusetts, 01506-0457

The Moderator's Moment

Change is constant; how we deal with God’s plan is totally up to us.

We have learned that the Pastor has been called to a church in Maine.  While this might be disappointing news for some, it provides David and Deb new challenges.  As the saying goes David has promised to “finish strong” as we enter the holiday season.

This change offers the chance for the church to assess its priorities.  Those interested to participate in the interim search committee are asked to provide the Church Office an indication of your interest.  Bill Simpson will be chairing the group and is looking to meet with those interested on November 4th after service in preparation for a meeting of all those interested in offering suggestions to the most recent church profile.  This meeting will be November 7th at 6:30, with AA meeting in the classrooms.

Another change comes to the Church Council.  Lee Farr has agreed to act as Church’s Clerk.  With this change there is an opening of an At Large position.  The At Large role comes with the understanding that the individual look to share feedback with the Council to improve the work of the Church; to be open to those who offer suggestions and to share feedback.  If you have an interest let the Church Office know. 

More change is coming in the use of the Church by the Scouts.  With the exception of Wednesdays young people are participating in Scout programs.  The Scouts will be offering a Community meatloaf supper November 10th at 6PM...look for tickets to this event.  This activity is a way the Scouts look to support the Church.  With this expanded use all need to be patient and plan ahead, letting the Church Office know of your plans, especially if there are changes.

In the Council’s fiduciary responsibility, Stewardship letters will be going out.  The Council appreciates what each of us can do from a monetary perspective.  Sometimes it might seem that the Church is forever asking for money.  What is important is to feel good about what we can do.  While we would all like to do more, the Church is healthy.  We can pay our bills and our doors are open every day of the week.  You have to feel good what you are doing and how it impacts the work of the Church.

Our thanks to Peggy Sullivan in coordinating the Crop Walk to support those in need locally.

Also I wish to thank those who donated to the capital improvement funding.  The painters are making good progress on the steeple, despite the rainy weather.

To close, it is not too soon to consider the Annual Meeting and the role you might play in the coming year.  Is there a special area in the church you would like to learn about?  What is God calling you to do?

Yours Faithfully,

Clarence (Punk) Snyder