Brookfield Congregational Church

Brookfield Massachusetts, 01506-0457

The Moderator's Moment

Its official, we may have set a record!

Thanks to all who attended the Annual Church meeting.  By count 40 members attended which many believe is a recent record attendance.  We were done in 53 minutes, maybe another record.  It is through your involvement we can best set the direction of the Church. Something that has not been done in a while either is a formal installation of the leadership, boards and committees.  At the March 3rd service we will be conducting a brief installation ceremony.  This will give everyone a chance to see with their own eyes the level of involvement in the Church.  It is amazing to me to understand just how many are involved on one or more activities of Church life.  We still have several roles that are open and March 3rd may enable a connection to determine how best we can address the need.  This will also give those interested in finding out more about a role or committee to seek out someone who might share their insights.  The installation will be made more special in that we will be taking advantage of an early bible the Church restored last year and a message from Paul to the Corinthians on leadership.  

Missions is one area we need to consider.  This committee needs a chairperson and a larger group to decide what the Church’s participation might be.  The function for 2019 might be simply as voting funds to support the “usual customers” or the group may go beyond that level of activity to take on a mission project.

The Council welcomed Cathy Farr as the 3rd At Large member.  Now between Alan Hoffsommer, Wayne Dennehy and Cathy, the Council looks to this group to listen to joys and concerns of the Church to pass them along to the various boards to improve upon the Church’s mission.  If you have a concern let Alan, Cathy or Wayne know.

The most significant challenge the Council sees this year for volunteers is how best to address Apple Country Fair and what has been the baking of “200 pies.”  Yes, it is a “$2,000” fundraiser. As important it is a time to work together for what is viewed by many as the Church’s role in the community on the center of the Common.  This is also the Community’s way in supporting the Church by buying a “$10” apple pie.  If you can spare a half day (or more) please sign up on the bulletin board in Fellowship Hall.  Please remember we ended 2018 $18 in the black, and 200 pies helped make that possible.  One of the suggestions was to seek monetary donations to replace the income.  What seeking of donations does not do is provide the chance to interact with one another and the community.

While you’re at the bulletin board don’t forget to sign up for your Easter Lilies.

Yours Faithfully,

Clarence (Punk) Snyder